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Poisonous plants for dogs: 10 of the most common
Dogs are notorious for getting their snouts into things they shouldn’t. Besides their dog food, they’ll happily snuffle and scarf up anything they come across. This includes litter on the sidewalk to newly...
Position Statement on Scruffing Cats
Scruffing is the process of restraining a cat by firmly gripping the loose skin at the back of its neck – this is often accompanied by lifting the cat up or heavily restraining it in other ways. Scuffing...
Cats make better pets than dogs for these 10 reasons
Many people think that cats are better than dogs. Cats are easy to care for, quiet, and relatively inexpensive. Even they groom themselves. There are certainly benefits to owning a cat that you won’t...
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Why Do Dogs Put Their Paws On You?
Having a dog has many surprising benefits—studies show that dog walking increases happiness (both for the dog and for its owner) and that dogs are eager to help their humans when they are in need. In addition,...
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